26 September 2020
25 September 2020
We had already ordered three R18s from BMW at the beginning of this year. Today finally at least the first one arrived here in our headquarter. We will develop & design an extensive WalzWerk® parts program for BMW’s long-awaited masterpiece to have most of the parts ready in our online shop by the end of this year. At the top of the agenda are various rear-tails and seat options, a wheel-set and of course a decent exhaust system and numerous detailed solutions.
20 September 2020
This is the first bike of our SCHIZZO® "Hot Rod" line, which we introduced with the first prototype (bike in background) in December 2019. We will produce the "Hot Rod" in a limited edition of 5 bikes only.
14 September 2020
12 September 2020
This stainless steel Rear Brake Linkage Sleeve is swaped within seconds to the stock rotten sleeve on all BMW rear drumbrake models. Little details like this really separate a good bike from a perfect one. Now available in our Online-Store in the Brake section.
05 September 2020
31 August 2020
24 August 2020
This is the second Porsche 911 we've built here at WalzWerk®. More will follow ...
17 August 2020
Check out our "Custom" Section for more pictures!
09 August 2020

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