16 Januar 2021
The new SCHIZZO® "Sport-Bobber"!
14 Januar 2021
The WalzWerk® R18 Production-Plan is now online!
09 Januar 2021
New Bikes: SCHIZZO® Cafe Racer "Doublepack"
The first 2 Bikes for 2021 is this SCHIZZO® Cafe Racer "Doublepack" in Porsche "achat-grey".
05 Januar 2021
BMW R18 UPDATE: The WalzWerk® exhaust-kits are finished!
Check out the R18 Update-Section to find out more about our new exhaust-kits for the BMW R18!
03 Januar 2021
NEW FOR 2021: BMW K100 Concept Bikes
We already mentioned it at the end of last year, now it's official: In the 2nd quarter of 2021 we will be presenting the first bike of our new concept bike series based on the BMW K100 models! The constantly growing demand for this has prompted us to take this step. At the beginning we will offering the K100 as a Cafe Racer only as shown on our draft, other models such as a Roadster and a Scrambler will follow later this year. For more info go to www.walzwerk-motorcycles.de/k100/
31 Dezember 2020
THAT WAS 2020!
With over 50 motorcycles built this year, we have once again confirmed our status as world market leader for BMW Custom- and Conceptbikes. Thank you all for such a great year in such a difficult time. We wish you happy new year, stay healthy and take care of yourself!
27 Dezember 2020
New Bike: BMW R9T Roadster for TOURATECH®
19 Dezember 2020
15 Dezember 2020
08 Dezember 2020
Brandnew: The Big-Wheel Kit for all BMW R18! Find out more in our R18 section.

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