06 April 2021
NEW BIKE: WalzWerk® Husqvarna Blapilen 401!
03 April 2021
NEW VIDEO: WalzWerk® R18 "Sound Check"!
Check out the "Sound Video" of the WalzWerk® R18 in our R18 section!
25 März 2021
New Bike: SCHIZZO® Scrambler in Porsche "Cherry-Red"!
22 März 2021
NOW AVAILABLE: WalzWerk® Front Fender Kits (19" and 21") for BMW R18
06 März 2021
NOW AVAILABLE: WalzWerk® Exhaust Kits for the BMW R9T!
Our famous R9T exhaust kits are now available in our online-shop. They come in brushed stainless steel or in black ceramic coated. Be quick, they are sold out quite fast ...
05 März 2021
New Bike: SCHIZZO® Roadster in "Deep-Black"!
25 Februar 2021
The WalzWerk® R18! Foto-Gallery online now!
19 Februar 2021
OUT NOW: The WalzWerk® R18!
A big feature plus cover of our brandnew BMW R18 is in the new issue of the CUSTOMBIKE magazine, available at the news stands across Europe from February 26th. All photos of the bike will be online here on our website the same date.
12 Februar 2021
New Bike: SCHIZZO® Scrambler in "Lupine-Blue"!
06 Februar 2021
The WalzWerk® R18 is finished!!!
The first WalzWerk® R18 is finished and will be photographed next week. The first publication of the photos will take place exclusively in the next edition of "CUSTOMBIKE" from February 24th, 2021. Our R18 will also be on the cover page. From the end of this month we will put all information, prices for key-turn ready bikes and conversion kits and of course a large photo gallery with numerous detailed photos online. Stay tuned ...

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